If you’re experiencing headaches it’s possible that you’re wondering which essential oils are suitable for headaches.

“What essential oils are beneficial to treat headaches?’ is a question that could be on your mind if you’re suffering from headaches like migraines or tension headaches.

If you’re not ready to take pain medications like paracetamol or ibuprofen in pill form right now invest in the top aromatherapy products for your home as a holistic solution that could help ease the head pain.

However, we’re not talking about artificial scents and fragrances. Instead, choosing oils made from seeds and plants is a great method to relieve sinus and tension-related ailments.

So we talked to interior and aromatherapy experts who discussed which essential oils can help with headaches, as well as guidelines on how to use and integrate these essential oils for aromatherapy in your home if you’re feeling less than optimal.


They’ve narrowed it down to five effective herbal extracts, so when you next browse online or visit the wellness store you shouldn’t be overwhelmed by the sheer number of potions and bottles that are constantly releasing new ones.

As always it is recommended to talk with your physician for medical advice prior to introducing the supplements into your regimen.

HOW to make use of essential oils for HEADACHES

There are many ways to incorporate essential oils into your routine to ease headaches. Here are our top choices.’ According to Emilie de Block, founder, and expert in essential oils Bio-Scents.

The most efficient method to utilize essential oils is by inhalation therefore, always choose the option if you can. Inhaling essential oil’s vapors pass through the olfactory receptor and arrive at the limbic system in the fastest time and that is the place where they are able to exert intended effects.’

If you plan to breathe essential oils undiluted and straight from the bottle, take no more than five minutes per hour. We suggest using a couple of drops of the carrier oil and breathing through regularly or rubbing into your nostrils.’

If you’re concerned about the direct exposure to a chemical and inhalation, you may be wondering if the essential oils are safe? Yes, provided they are used properly. If you’re not looking for an entire dose from bottles, or wish to share your experiences with your friends in the family, why don’t you purchase one of the top essential oils diffusers? It’s a worthwhile investment that can be used in your house, even when you’re not feeling well.


However, if you’re looking to keep the scent restricted to a particular area of the residence (such as your room) You might be more likely to spend on the most effective diffuser for reeds, or even learn how to create the reed-scented diffuser yourself in order to totally personalize your experience. Making your own can be an enjoyable craft that can help to distract you from the anxiety-provoking event that is causing your anxiety.



‘Lavender’s soothing effects reduce your stress levels which can help slow down your racing thoughts before bed,’ says Nick Shacklock, head of marketing and brand development, online-bedrooms.co.uk

It is believed to help alleviate insomnia and anxiety – one of the primary causes of people finding it difficult to get to sleep. It is possible to apply lavender essential oil on your skin prior to going to bed, or add a few drops in your bath or diffuser.’

Then de Block agrees, she states: ‘Lavender essential oil is widely used for relaxation and stress relief There’s also solid evidence and research that shows lavender is able to ease the symptoms associated with migraines and headaches.’

The research has also proven that inhaling the fragrance from lavender essential oils may aid in managing migraines in a hurry therefore we’d suggest adding a couple of drops of the oil undiluted onto a cloth and inhaling directly. Alternately, mix it by a carrier oil and then add it to an ice bath. The steam and water that is infused will do the trick.’

And Mark Winstanley, creative Director of The White Company adds: “Our organic, 100% lavender aromatherapy oil is able to relax and soothe the mind. It is described as one of the most potent aromatherapy plants, lavender is known for its soothing scent that can aid in easing the stress of everyday life.’

“For anything from mood-boosting throughout the day, to a relaxing night’s sleep, Our essential oils are able to be added into our organic bath and oil to create a fragrant bathtub or massage oil or added in drops in our air purifiers as well as electronic diffusers that help to refresh rooms and clean our air.’


In addition to acting as a deterrent to insects, mint oil may also aid in the elimination of headaches. One expert explains how science can explain this energizing oil made by Mentha piperita L.

“Peppermint oil is among the essential oils we use most often for migraines or headaches because it’s a source of menthol that is believed to relax muscles and relieve discomfort,’ claims de Block.


“We recommend diluting it with a carrier oil before applying it topically to the forehead, temples, and temples.’



It’s likely that you’re more used to spicing up your roast lamb meals using rosemary But have you thought that the oil extracted could ease headaches? Instead of (unsuccessfully) trying to remove the oil from the Salvia Rosmarinus sprigs, invest in pure rosemary oil from Amazon instead. When you massage a tiny amount into your hair, you will alleviate a headache that is throbbing and cleanse your scalp while doing it.

The oil of ‘Rosemary’ has potent anti-inflammatory as well as analgesic (pain-relieving) properties. In traditional medicine, it’s been extensively used to help reduce stress in pain relief, stress reduction, and better circulation. This could all aid in relieving headaches according to de Block.


“Apply a carrier oil with rosemary on your hands and take a deep breath to relax your muscles to ease tension in the head, and relieve stress.’


You don’t need to be a Koala or a Koala in Australia to enjoy the advantages that come from Eucalyptus oil. With a honeyed mint-like aroma it’s an enjoyable smell that you’ll want to breathe in even when you’re not suffering from headaches. Since this oil is quite expensive, why not consider the DropperStop glass bottle that comes with a dropper to make sure you’re only taking in what you need.

“Eucalyptus is believed to be an effective sinus cleanser, that’s why it’s often used in spas. If you suffer from headaches caused by sinus issues then you make eucalyptus your new favorite according to de Block.

This powerful oil can aid in opening up the nasal passageway, clear the sinuses and ease the tension in the sinuses that can cause headaches. It is suggested to apply the eucalyptus oil in small amounts in a carrier oil, and apply it to your chest to clear the sinuses. Alternately, you could make a steam bath by using a small amount of eucalyptus in hot water before breathing in this steam-scented vapor.’

Ready-MADE Blends

While making use of a specific kind of essential oil to treat headaches, it is possible to mix two to reap the benefits of a variety of botanical extracts, without having to heat them up. When you mix lavender and peppermint oil, you can make an oasis that can help you make ease your headache. If you’re not sure you want to begin mixing and matching oils, you can purchase blends that are already professionally blended to make it easy.

Mixing your own customized essential oils for aromatherapy is a lot more enjoyable (more so if you’ve never suffered from headaches). You can try it using this essential recipe for essential oils.